About Us

Mr. M. Jesu Michael Rajan, an enterprising, undergraduate student of B.A. at the Loyola College in Chennai, also worked at a bag making company on a part time basis for 3 years. On completion of his studies and having learnt the trade well, there arose in him a desire to do something independently so as to secure his future. It dawned on him that his work experience would certainly put him on the right path of success and he decided to implement his learning in his own venture in the Bag-Making Industry. Thus he became the founder of his pet project.

In the later 90s he started a small unit with name “FRIENDS BAG INDUSTRIES (FBI)“. This became a sub unit for various other brands of bags. In addition, the company took on huge orders from big corporates for the production of complimentary gifts. This continued for quite some time. In the meantime, his son J.M Pradeep joined hands with him by lending their support to the production work of the company. Subsequently orders increased and this led to the expansion of the company, culminating in their own branded products.

In the year 2010, in an effort to make the company classier, the name was changed into “FIDEL BAG INDUSTRIES (FBI)”. The company was registered in the year 2011. This move not only expanded the company enormously but also increased the confidence of the workers and the products they came up with. They studied various products in the market, both in India and abroad and came up with novel ideas and designs. Innovations are now a continuous process, always keeping the needs and satisfaction of the consumers in mind. While doing this, however, quality has never been and will never be sacrificed, whether it is in the choice, size and colours of material used or in the utility of the products churned out. This has thus, turned out to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. The motto of providing the consumer with products worth their money is the foremost objective and no stone will be left unturned in order to achieve the same.